Undeniably Me

My mind travels sometime to a place deep within where I have never been before, but I find myself wanting more…of what could be if I just be Me. Allow my desires to surface and become reality; a part of me. What do I do with these thoughts of you? I don’t know what to do, I think I’m in love with you. I want to awaken your senses, touch every spot on you and see what it does to you. What will happen when I plant soft kisses behind your knees? I want to see passion overtake you so strong you beg “please,” when what you are really saying is please feel free to make a complete mess of me. Love me all over, just don’t let this be over, us on a high the sky can’t even fathom. Nothing from this point on could ever just be random; every action, every look, every touch would have meaning…like; I desire you, feel you, connect with you so deeply. For you allow me to give, to love, to be undeniably me.


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