What IS Love?

I have learned over the years that love is an action word…it feels so nice to HEAR I love you, but have I SEEN it in action? Am I showing it in my daily interactions? I so aspire to…for that is the best kind of love; the kind I can feel and see…the kind where I am allowed to be me…for all eternity…I write about love, in my poetry, because you see, it IS me…It is YOU too, did you know? In what ways are we letting this LOVE show? Are caring for ourselves ever so gently; like we are meant to be? When we give love and show love within, other relationships will positively begin…



Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable; for in doing so we release hangups about what love SHOULD be…it is okay to allow your spirit to be free. Open the jar with the beautiful butterfly of your love fluttering around and allow this love to soar! I was afraid of this freedom; for a long time; holding inside my truest desires for things that would quickly expire…But time healed, helped and showed me how to be in the moment of my heart’s longings; right now! 




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