The sight of moonlight; the flow of emotion


Soft as flower petals, she penetrates my window at night…what am I describing? I am thinking of the moon’s light. How calm it is…the sight of her, how she appears and flows with the sun as it sets; the night time is her time to display her power. The ocean waves crash just a little harder against the shore; intensified by her energetic allure…Some flowers even close their petals until awakened by the morning sun; for when the moon arrives, remnants of daytime are done. There is stillness and restlessness going on at the same time; an image of the yin and yang sign comes to my mind. Balance and the sweet connection, needing energy and protection from both celestial spheres, knowing without always visualizing that they are both here. With the moon, my emotions are flying high, with the sun I feel my passions rise. But each time, when I view the moon, I know I will have to surrender and soon. She is eternal and constant; all of my spirit wishes she will grant but I must trust myself to believe in what she represents. The illuminating glow, the familiarity that I know; the tears that may flow; renewing my soul.



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