La Luna…

In anticipation of last night’s lunar eclipse, I wanted to take an early evening trip to the beach to watch the moon rise over the ocean and I did! I watched intently as the faint glow of the moon became visible in the sky as the sun was simultaneously setting. I felt oh so connected to the moon’s energy and rightly so, as the moon expresses divine, raw and feminine energy that controls the ebb and flow of our emotions and cycles. I awoke just in time to catch the beginning of the lunar eclipse last night and was so grateful to be in this unforgettable moment. I wrote a poem to share with you about my memories of last night’s moon show…


Oh how beautiful she was; rising just above the ocean, a creamy concoction of white clouds surrounding her like curtains. I awaited her debut, in awe of how radiant she was when she appeared. Her glow filtered out onto the waves as they crashed onto the shore. I could see her silhouette against the dark blue sky. My head tingled, my heart center felt intense love and my womb space was filled with renewing energy. She entranced me…I saw her, I felt her as she disappeared behind the Earth’s shadow; leaving only a faint glow…


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