My heart’s musings…

My words are always from the heart, pure and true. I think of them as a form of art, so carefully selected, like the colors a painter might choose.  At times, I’m overwhelmed with the desire to share with you how deeply I feel. My eyes even water with emotion, when I think of how much I love you and want you. This is not easy for me and yet I still wonder and ponder-what if? What if we planted this little seed and watered it with care, filled our hearts with sunshine and watched as our love blossomed and bloomed like a lily in the Spring? What would and could happen with this flowering bud of love? So that is where my mind travels, to a place that could be real for both of us.I treasure what we have now, the openness, authenticity and sheer beauty of our love. We are in similar places and spaces in our lives; a middle ground, en route to a better place. We are holding on yet letting go of all that we have been used to for so long. It is bitter sweet but I see so much in store for our lives. I don’t want to be afraid anymore…I want to live each day to the fullest, regardless of what others may think for Love is my anchor in this ocean of life and without it I would surely sink…




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