I am intrigued, and perplexed at the same time. I’m very curious, but also apprehensive about what I am feeling…still I cannot help but wonder what it would be like to make love to you…Ours is a relationship that is not without complications; we are close friends and have been for the longest. I cherish that aspect of our relationship and would only want for many more years of friendship. But my dilemma is I want you so badly…I desire to be so close to you, clasping your palms against mine and then I want to be alone with you for as long as it would take to bare my soul to you and feel yours too. Believe me when I say this desire of mine is not solely based on attraction, for while you are a most gorgeous representation of human beauty; mind, body and soul, it’s so much more than that, my desire is, my wish is; to see you in a state of pure bliss. All I can think about is how cosmically deep our connection would be, the energy shared between you and me.




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