The Essence of Love…

Yes, I want you, need you…desire for you to be mine; every season and all of the time. I don’t propose to know every answer to your lingering questions, but I will be here whenever love beckons. I may not be able to calm your every fear, but you will always feel my energy and know when I am near. The taste of your lips; so earthy sweet, each time we draw closer, my heart speeds up her beats…To hold you, absorb you and feel you so deep creates in me a longing to keep you and our love guarded like a precious dove. At times, I have denied that something so intense could exist, but the longing to experience true bliss through love, persists. I will not assign my past pain to something as precious as love, it was my perceptions or what I thought was love that had me shouting to the heavens above; blaming myself for supposed time lost, crying tears over what I deemed a loss. But then came a dawning in my valley of truth, I could visualize you as living proof…Your love is like heat from the Sun, making my Soul melt…it is warm like a fire on a cold winter’s night, it is a rainbow after days of torrential rain; washing away years of buried pain. You FELT me and touched me in a way that gratifies my mind, body and spirit; allowing me to shine in my very essence…flowing into my life, BEing ever present…



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