Venus in Cancer; my thoughts…


“To have Venus in Cancer is to be in love with the Moon, to be moved by her beauty, pulled by her gravity and influenced by her phases. It is to have an affinity with all in nature that is governed by the Queen of the tides.”

This excerpt is taken from the book; “Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?”


In matters of the heart, I have been hard on myself in some of my past relationships, thinking that I love “too” strongly, I feel too much and take things oh so personally, but reading this excerpt made me smile. I was at a yard sale last weekend and the book I retrieved this from was on sale for a dollar. The messages inside though, have been priceless.  Ah, I love it when something I need shows up just in time… I burst into giggles; happy, free, cell rejuvenating giggles after really getting into this book :). Now I REALLY know why I love to go to the Ocean and watch her rise; the Moon.  Like the hard shell that covers the tender body of the crab, Cancers are very “protective” of their hearts. But it is the Moon that allows for those emotions to be expressed. And they can be expressed so beautifully through love, creativity and finding joy in every aspect of our being. Why have I been hard on myself for loving with all of my heart? I think I know…there is a certain level of vulnerability involved in sharing our hearts, especially for those with Venus in Cancer; and when that love is not taken seriously, it can be very painful, or at least it was for me. I have actually gone on many hiatuses in my life, telling myself that the only way to never be hurt is to never be vulnerable, but in love, that kind of reasoning is unrealistic. I was however, prepared to keep my heart covered and protected for as long as I needed to…

The truth is I really needed to just let go, release… Throughout my life, I watched those around me, keeping the upper hand in their relationships by controlling their emotions, to the point that expressing them seemed “weak” and repressing them was tantamount to being strong. I took this on in my relationships, even with my own self and how I felt about who I was. I’m definitely guilty of holding my deepest fears inside my heart and of inadvertently being overly cautious while missing out on experiences that may have allowed me to shine even brighter. The innate drive I’ve felt since I was a girl to nurture has only increased, but there is now a level of wisdom I adhere to in heeding that drive. It feels good not to be fearful and worry about what tomorrow may bring when it comes to love and matters of the heart. If the energy of another resonates with me and I feel balanced and blissful when I am around it, then I open my heart to receive and give fully. For what is love if it can’t be expressed in fullness and emotional vulnerability? When the Moon is Full, I stare at her longingly, like looking into the eyes of a loved one and I allow her to bring forth what has been hidden in the shadows of my heart; and she does, every time.






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