Soul family

Thank you for your presence in my life, for who you are illuminates who I am…You are my reflections. Life has allowed me to visit unique places where I have looked in the eyes of new, yet familiar faces. I’ve made authentic connections that have strengthened my journey as a woman, mother, writer and goddess and one day, midwife. In each of you, I see me…you have been my tribe on the road to healing in more ways than one. And for me this is huge for I have always been somewhat of a private person. Little by little, I felt more inclined to peel back the masks that have covered my eyes and face, kept hidden a place that some have touched but could not fathom; my spirit. Allowing her to shine is rightfully mine again, but then it always has been. Eternal blissings to my soul family, for helping me to remember…Ase’O!



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