Besos; kisses from the soul…

This right here is a piece that I wrote about a year or so ago…I felt compelled to share it…enjoy!

Kissing is a lovely and intimate way to connect, especially when it’s long and slow and oh so personal! Many times we close our eyes when kissing, but why, is this instinctual? Perhaps, but it is just as sweet to look into the eyes of your beloved when sharing a kiss. It pretty much goes without saying that most people are familiar with kisses on the lips, it is after all one of the reasons we have such irresistibly strong attractions on our face.


Are you utilizing the freedom of the kiss though? The power it holds can open the door to beautiful and memorable experiences during lovemaking. Soft kisses are savored and very arousing, while those long lasting intense kisses can create waves of pleasure all throughout our body. Kissing usually precedes lovemaking, is also shared during intimacy and usually ends with it.

-Kissing fingertips enhances the fire within; it is so passionate and delicious. Hold your lover’s hand, and while gazing in their eyes, bring their hand up close to your lips, kissing the tips of their fingers softly.

-Have you ever kissed your lover right above their heart or even on it? Human beings naturally gravitate toward the sound of their lover’s heartbeat, it represents the deep connection we have within. There are so many references to the heartbeat between two becoming one during lovemaking; oneness. “How sweet it is to kiss that space, how enticing it is to look up into your lover’s face as you place your lips on their heart.”

-Inside of the wrists and behind the knees are places on the body that are often overlooked, yet sensationally exciting areas that open up passion within. To feel the softness of lips in places not often kissed is pure bliss.

-The chin and bridge of the nose are cute yet intimate ways to connect with your lover; showing them that each part of their body is a pleasure to enjoy.

-The back of the neck! The neck is almost always a go to for sensually entrancing kisses. The back of the neck is a place of hidden passions and sensuous mystery. Kisses on the back of the neck are arousing for the simple fact that they make us yearn for what’s next. We can’t see our lover but we can feel their kisses on our neckline sending sparks up and down our spine; how divine!

-The “teasing” kiss. This is where you go in for a sweet landing on your lover’s lips but you move back quickly when they respond; making them come back towards you for the kiss. Look deeply into their eyes while doing this as it is a delicious turn on and initiates playfulness and arousal; both wonderful aspects of sexual intimacy.

What’s important to realize is that a kiss is truly an endearing act of love capable of initiating deep desire from within. There have been moments where I have literally been enraptured by the power of a kiss, not wanting it to ever end. I have been awakened by a kiss, fallen asleep to one and I know that it holds so much power in a most beautiful way. Kissing is a connection, a magnetic gravitation that seals one to another and elicits excitement in the body and soul.


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