Freshly written…

In the rising sun, I am hopeful for the unfolding of a new day…This seems like the most “cliche” way to begin a poem but words can be”shy” at first until we get to know them…Never knowing what will become of a poem until it is expressed and shared; flowing in the sunshine and air; so tantalizingly sweet afterward… I’m sharing for others to ponder over and read. My mood is the driving force for the most part, words  to me are what paint is to an artist; a creative idealist is what I strive to be…I live for, I love and I write soul-stirring poetry. Or perhaps it is I that can be shy about the words I choose…maybe wanting to make it easy for others to be pleasured or amused, but that is not always my truth… Poetry will not allow for any pretending, what I write about is either an ending or beginning. Sometimes, I find myself in the middle as well, my heart whispering to my mind “please, do tell”…and so I don’t hold back what longs to be shared, not wasting too much energy on being “prepared.” A treasured find beneath the sea, that is what poetry is to me…longing to be discovered and to discover what is within me, oh I shall keep writing and surprising; just you wait and see.



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