To You…

I cried as if the end of love was trying to swallow me up in one gulp. I can’t keep my feelings bottled up…today has been a forced day…forcing myself to smile when I really wanted to cry…

“Maybe he became nervous about showing me parts of him that he’s kept hidden, like a treasure” His love seems so infinite, never ending, I couldn’t even begin to measure…I thirst for him and I’m not afraid to say it-he’s what I’ve been yearning for after so long…I don’t want to be strong right now…I don’t want to be loved for only a while, like a child my tears pour from my eyes; watering the earth…he came to me when I never even searched and he was just what I needed. In love I finally heeded; love myself and all will be restored, including my faith in this beautiful fulfilling feeling…of being held close to the beat of another’s heart…a brand new start. You are a work of art…




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