Eye See You…

How is it when we connect with someone we feel like we’ve know forever? It is bliss! Sweet as a kiss, or a smile that lingers on…we talk on and on, forever finding ways and yearning to play with memories, oh the eyes do tell…we come crawling out of our shell, warming in the sun of the other, beaming in love…how beautiful…please don’t ever go away..stay near me, let’s commune by the sea and watch as the sun sets and the moon comes swooning in the sky behind the clouds…I wanna scream out loud how happy I am that we’ve found each other! You are my family, my familiar, a whisper in my ear…recognizing that we are here; light beings, being light to each other and shining light on the shadows we’ve held inside.

Sometimes we travel, other times not but once known, such sweetness can never be forgotten…it’s like we can be wide open and not fear a questioning leer or a peculiar gaze, we’ve been around forever and a day…



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