Magic Scents

I love to burn incense and watch as the smoke unfurls…it is so beautiful and magical…my little girl used to say; Mama, look at the “spirits”! Such a Pisces thing to say…I burn incense almost every day, for every reason and to sensuously guide my way. It grounds me, suspends my thoughts and adds a bit of magic to my world. As you may have guessed, I am no ordinary girl…every thing I do is a ritual and a way to show love…Some of my favorite scents are “Super Hit, Nag Champa, anything Rose, Frankincense and Indian Temple Incense”…oh goodness, pure heaven! I love sticks, but I’ve also been enjoying cones as well.


….If I just take the time to be still, so much comes to me…everything is there; unfolding and as I trust in my divine power, I am free from ANY mental constraints. How sweet it is to be in the peace and solitude of spirit…there’s so much warmth radiating from inside out…


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