Birth of a star

Eye told her, “every cell in my body longs to collaborate with yours”…she said to me; “as does mine; we will create a star with our intensity”…her response made me pause and breathe so deeply. And at that moment, I knew without hesitancy that she was the truth to me…for her to feel our love on that level was so surreal…I could not help the tears that began to blur my eyes. Past the sky, past the clouds, past anything and anyone that says this kind of love could never exist, I saw it forming and being born. In the womb of the universe, in the beautiful darkness, an explosion of epic proportion would bind us as one…Beautiful soul, eyes as precious as gold, and a heart made of precious flower petals; so soft and yielding…beckoning me to behold her in all her glory. This is not your usual love story…




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