Gazing inside

Don’t get caught up with me, I might take you away to a place where nothing has to be explained; only felt. Don’t settle for me, because I may plan a trip to see the sea, no worries, just you and me. I will pack wine, fancy napkins, fruit and croissants; because I know that’s what we enjoy. Leave me be, or I may gaze at you as you sleep every night, falling asleep myself to the sound of your breath; my lullaby. I will end up falling in love with your energy; the way I SEE you. How you speak to me enthralls me, screams directly into my soul; so still but so loud that I can feel it every time. The Sunshine appears blissfully at the corners of your mouth, I can always feel your smile. So warm, so healing…If you are afraid, tell me now; I swear thinking of you, of us has the potential to make me insane. Insane with the desire to create what I daydream of…


Walk away from me now or you may not ever…


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