Poems and thoughts on Love’s energy

Poetry runs through my veins, it is the most honest expression of how eye feel. I resonate with love intensely, and therefore I look forward to expressing the beauty of it with my poems. I may write about an interaction between two people, the bliss one typically feels when traipsing through the valleys of love or even the pain we sometimes associate with this emotion called love; the opposite of fear. Often, a song will take me back to sweet or bittersweet memories and I want to write about it…I’m learning to let my emotions fly free because there was once a time when I kept my writing to myself…No more though, I hope to create a book of poems that will be etched in time. Poetry truly keeps me alive! I don’t know what I’d do without the warming embrace of a poem. Every poem I compose is about someone or something in my life that has had an effect on my heart and mind…sweet words of the soul.


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