Taurus New Moon

This is the beginning, of love, of life, of grounding and growing. Taurus represents all things beautiful in this life. May we plant seeds to initiate sweet, new beginnings. Passion, sensuality and intimacy are what we yearn for. Right down deep in our core, always yearning for more and more. And we shall reap a bountiful harvest of all we have sown.


Still in there…


…the need to see in the dark is tantamount to my¬†wellbeing; the level with which I feel okay with who I am is telling. ¬†I feel like the darkness compels me to see my inner self; the dark parts, my buried secrets of stories I may never tell; knowing the innocence is still there…in the windows of my soul; my eyes.

Bitterness is easy to¬†hold onto, and not even realize¬†it…Once upon a time, everything started out innocently, forcing vulnerability; trust in love and opening your soul…to another. What will happen next as I reveal myself?

I am not always a leopard, so strong and aware, I am sometimes a flustered, homesick kitten standing in its shadow…


Mad love

And so, I long to know what it would be like to be loved…by you.

For now, I grasp onto my only truth and that is, I enjoy you. I love who you are when you come alive in conversing with me…sharing your deepest dreams, your journey, your story. I cling to the connection we have, our similar pasts…our future yearnings.

If I can imagine you with me; who is to say what cannot be…in love?


Infinite possibilities…

…It first began so subtly…so sweet and innocent, like time spent getting to know someone while they laugh shyly at all of your questions, yet long to answer them…and then I yearned to hear her voice, she honestly left me no choice, I could feel her effortlessly. I was falling…deeply… I held every moment close to my heart, every word shared; what a sweet pair, she and Eye. Understanding her without her even talking, it’s like the same path all along we have been walking. She is open to me being as intense as I ache to be, finally someone who is not afraid of the love I have deep within me. She readily accepts it, welcomes it and each day I anxiously yearn for more. More of who she is, of what she wants to be, her gracious unfolding; I am blessed to see. Her light shines deep in my soul, I am so loved by her, and she by me…not a day goes by that I am not reminded of her purity and sweetness…how did I become destined for her, and she destined for me? It is written in the stars, we shall see…we will shine infinitely…Mind travels, I am unraveled, take me where you are, beautiful…I would not miss this place, as long as I get to see your precious face…the possibilities are truly endless as is my love for you.



Soul 2 Soul

My moans permeated the silent summer night in the car as we made love with sweet desperation…He held me so tightly against his strong frame; in my mind and out loud I screamed his name. How I missed the way he felt inside me; every thrust I felt with intensity. Our eyes met and warm, erotic smiles covered our faces…he took me to faraway places as he always does…I’m so deeply in love with him and damn I can’t get enough…craving, wanting and yearning for his delicious touch.


To You…

I cried as if the end of love was trying to swallow me up in one gulp. I can’t keep my feelings bottled up…today has been a forced day…forcing myself to smile when I really wanted to cry…

“Maybe he became nervous about showing me parts of him that he’s kept hidden, like a treasure” His love seems so infinite, never ending, I couldn’t even begin to measure…I thirst for him and I’m not afraid to say it-he’s what I’ve been yearning for after so long…I don’t want to be strong right now…I don’t want to be loved for only a while, like a child my tears pour from my eyes; watering the earth…he came to me when I never even searched and he was just what I needed. In love I finally heeded; love myself and all will be restored, including my faith in this beautiful fulfilling feeling…of being held close to the beat of another’s heart…a brand new start. You are a work of art…