Magic Scents

I love to burn incense and watch as the smoke unfurls…it is so beautiful and magical…my little girl used to say; Mama, look at the “spirits”! Such a Pisces thing to say…I burn incense almost every day, for every reason and to sensuously guide my way. It grounds me, suspends my thoughts and adds a bit of magic to my world. As you may have guessed, I am no ordinary girl…every thing I do is a ritual and a way to show love…Some of my favorite scents are “Super Hit, Nag Champa, anything Rose, Frankincense and Indian Temple Incense”…oh goodness, pure heaven! I love sticks, but I’ve also been enjoying cones as well.


….If I just take the time to be still, so much comes to me…everything is there; unfolding and as I trust in my divine power, I am free from ANY mental constraints. How sweet it is to be in the peace and solitude of spirit…there’s so much warmth radiating from inside out…



I feel this new day tugging away at me, ready to be played with and brought in. But it isn’t so easy to wake and not think of you…how did you rest and what are you doing? Thoughts come at me with persistent urgency like a child…will I nurture them and give them love or criticize? It truly is up to me to decide…I know one thing, from my feelings I will never hide…



I am intrigued, and perplexed at the same time. I’m very curious, but also apprehensive about what I am feeling…still I cannot help but wonder what it would be like to make love to you…Ours is a relationship that is not without complications; we are close friends and have been for the longest. I cherish that aspect of our relationship and would only want for many more years of friendship. But my dilemma is I want you so badly…I desire to be so close to you, clasping your palms against mine and then I want to be alone with you for as long as it would take to bare my soul to you and feel yours too. Believe me when I say this desire of mine is not solely based on attraction, for while you are a most gorgeous representation of human beauty; mind, body and soul, it’s so much more than that, my desire is, my wish is; to see you in a state of pure bliss. All I can think about is how cosmically deep our connection would be, the energy shared between you and me.