Old souls

I feel like I can dream or think about anything here…the ocean and my spirit are one. So connected, that no words spoken are even enough to convey the love I feel. We are old souls, whispering to each other secrets of days gone by and days to come. I am here…waiting for you to join me.


Love’s Innocence


I found a flower and I wanted you to have it. I know flowers make you smile, especially when you weren’t expecting them. You have that innocence about you that makes loving you so worthwhile. You don’t ask for much, a gentle touch, a whisper of “I love you” as you nod off to sleep. So sweet you are, I would gladly give you my heart over and over again.

Yellow flower petals


….the minutes are like years and my tears are as heavy as raindrops; falling and healing at the same time. Waiting for the clock to chime, waiting for the end of this bittersweet time. I think of holding you so close to my heart…kissing your eyelids as you sleep. No more tears of sadness, only joy. I think of seeing your face and hearing your sweet voice and the choice I have made to love you over and over again.

Gazing inside

Don’t get caught up with me, I might take you away to a place where nothing has to be explained; only felt. Don’t settle for me, because I may plan a trip to see the sea, no worries, just you and me. I will pack wine, fancy napkins, fruit and croissants; because I know that’s what we enjoy. Leave me be, or I may gaze at you as you sleep every night, falling asleep myself to the sound of your breath; my lullaby. I will end up falling in love with your energy; the way I SEE you. How you speak to me enthralls me, screams directly into my soul; so still but so loud that I can feel it every time. The Sunshine appears blissfully at the corners of your mouth, I can always feel your smile. So warm, so healing…If you are afraid, tell me now; I swear thinking of you, of us has the potential to make me insane. Insane with the desire to create what I daydream of…


Walk away from me now or you may not ever…

Moonlighting and a poem

Poetry found me…lying naked in the moonlight, waiting for insight to kick in. It is deep within that all the answers reveal themselves…kind of like old books on dusty shelves which haven’t been read in years. Isn’t it something how words can evoke emotion, bring you to tears? Have you ever read something and cried because you felt like the words were all about you? Have you ever fell in love and just knew it was true? A poem took me by the hands and kissed me softly, held me close and just let me be…


Hi baby…

I wait for the day…the day I will see you, hold you for the first time and hear your voice. I thought I was not scared, in fact, I thought you would be more nervous than I…but maybe we are feeling the same level of butterflies in our stomachs. All the preparation in the world won’t calm me, my palms will still end up quite sweaty. My voice may even quiver and shake when I first speak directly to your face. But more and more, you are at the center of my thoughts, as never before. Look at how hard we are working towards being more, of ourselves…so that we can be ready for that great day when we first say “hello”…

Goddess of passionate expression


I am finding pleasure in being more comfortable with expressing my passion, something that was for many years, very difficult for me. I lived in the minds of others, scared to express who I was becoming for fear of rejection…I found myself in writing fiery poetry and dancing like a goddess. Dance is a very sensual outlet for a woman in search of her true passions…she needs not fear disapproval, especially when she dances for herself…she is alone in the moment, feeling a primal energy that has been with her through the ages. She is breaking through taboos, rules and other barriers that tell her to sit quietly with her hands and legs folded perfectly. That is not her…anymore at least. People felt safe when she was a predictable person…knowing that to shun her passions is to shun who she truly is…But now, she opens to possibilities, to the kundalini energy that spirals up and through her. She honors it, knowing it will open her up even more.

As I danced, I could feel myself glowing from inside out…



Dream Scapes…

…Sweet memories linger of a time before now. When I didn’t know how things would go…there are deep lessons in not always knowing, or so I have been told. Let life surprise you once in a while, I promise it will bring a well-deserved smile. I am open to magical scenes unfolding and visiting distant lands I have never traveled…only marveled at in my dreams.




“I miss your face,” he said…and I miss yours…the way it rests perfectly between my breasts. Your tongue vibrates on my nipples and I want you where it is so wet. You grip my waist and slide me slowly down onto you…taking a breath with every inch I receive…until you are all in…head kiss from the lips of my cervix; you move so fluidly; coming deeper into me until I cry so loud and long; deer song, mingling with your hungry, lustful growl. I feel your hands squeezing my ass…flexing and touching me longingly. I gaze into your eyes; how they are lowered, yet meet mine so intensely. I watch your body glide up and down; my stomach flutters and we kiss. Moving our heads away as a tease and then coming back in for a full force landing of our lips. My body and my soul are at your mercy, my thoughts so thirsty for you…