Passion in words


“Show me your words and I’ll show you mine”…<3



“I miss your face,” he said…and I miss yours…the way it rests perfectly between my breasts. Your tongue vibrates on my nipples and I want you where it is so wet. You grip my waist and slide me slowly down onto you…taking a breath with every inch I receive…until you are all in…head kiss from the lips of my cervix; you move so fluidly; coming deeper into me until I cry so loud and long; deer song, mingling with your hungry, lustful growl. I feel your hands squeezing my ass…flexing and touching me longingly. I gaze into your eyes; how they are lowered, yet meet mine so intensely. I watch your body glide up and down; my stomach flutters and we kiss. Moving our heads away as a tease and then coming back in for a full force landing of our lips. My body and my soul are at your mercy, my thoughts so thirsty for you…

Still in there…


…the need to see in the dark is tantamount to my wellbeing; the level with which I feel okay with who I am is telling.  I feel like the darkness compels me to see my inner self; the dark parts, my buried secrets of stories I may never tell; knowing the innocence is still there…in the windows of my soul; my eyes.

Bitterness is easy to hold onto, and not even realize it…Once upon a time, everything started out innocently, forcing vulnerability; trust in love and opening your soul…to another. What will happen next as I reveal myself?

I am not always a leopard, so strong and aware, I am sometimes a flustered, homesick kitten standing in its shadow…


Your magic…your love


The magic I feel when I think about you can’t even be put into words…you are simply from a whole different world…where love is a ritualistic dance…a knowing, a feeling, a chance to be as precious to someone’s heart as possible…when I say your name, I enunciate every it can linger on my tongue…can you please be the one? The one I crave, the one who makes me misbehave, but in a good way…a way that shows you I will do anything to get your sweet attention…the mention of your name sways me, moves me like the perfect song…

Mad love

And so, I long to know what it would be like to be loved…by you.

For now, I grasp onto my only truth and that is, I enjoy you. I love who you are when you come alive in conversing with me…sharing your deepest dreams, your journey, your story. I cling to the connection we have, our similar pasts…our future yearnings.

If I can imagine you with me; who is to say what cannot be…in love?


Messages of peace

… I ache for healing of heart, mind, body and soul…I yearn for magic in every moment, even the moments where sadness permeates me, or confusion; just not knowing what could be next, but believing in its message either way

…sometimes, my thoughts can be intrusions to maintaining a healthy peace of mind…

begging for attention and energy; ”no you won’t get ANY play today” I’m gonna watch what I say and be mindful…I will try at least <3.

“Feed your soul with healthy thoughts and watch it grow, blossom and relax”…I am finding that in affirming joy, I am seeing more of it in my life

…this life is a journey!

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Birth of a star

Eye told her, “every cell in my body longs to collaborate with yours”…she said to me; “as does mine; we will create a star with our intensity”…her response made me pause and breathe so deeply. And at that moment, I knew without hesitancy that she was the truth to me…for her to feel our love on that level was so surreal…I could not help the tears that began to blur my eyes. Past the sky, past the clouds, past anything and anyone that says this kind of love could never exist, I saw it forming and being born. In the womb of the universe, in the beautiful darkness, an explosion of epic proportion would bind us as one…Beautiful soul, eyes as precious as gold, and a heart made of precious flower petals; so soft and yielding…beckoning me to behold her in all her glory. This is not your usual love story…