Goddess of passionate expression


I am finding pleasure in being more comfortable with expressing my passion, something that was for many years, very difficult for me. I lived in the minds of others, scared to express who I was becoming for fear of rejection…I found myself in writing fiery poetry and dancing like a goddess. Dance is a very sensual outlet for a woman in search of her true passions…she needs not fear disapproval, especially when she dances for herself…she is alone in the moment, feeling a primal energy that has been with her through the ages. She is breaking through taboos, rules and other barriers that tell her to sit quietly with her hands and legs folded perfectly. That is not her…anymore at least. People felt safe when she was a predictable person…knowing that to shun her passions is to shun who she truly is…But now, she opens to possibilities, to the kundalini energy that spirals up and through her. She honors it, knowing it will open her up even more.

As I danced, I could feel myself glowing from inside out…




Sweet Moon Goddess

Feeling her wet, warm waves wash over me like a blanket…covering me, giving me security as I sit upon the sands of the Sea. She strengthens me…she gives me clarity. She balances me…She is the Moon, ruling my emotions, ruling the tide. From her piercing light, I cannot hide. I imagine expressing my deepest passions under her mysterious lure, knowing that in her energy I will always be secure. For she illuminates that side of me that I sometimes hide from others so they can’t see. But each time, she creates in me a new way to BE. I love her quiet glow, and how I tap in to what I KNOW. Sweet Moon Goddess is what she softly whispers in my ear and yet, I always hear her loud and clear.