Taurus New Moon

This is the beginning, of love, of life, of grounding and growing. Taurus represents all things beautiful in this life. May we plant seeds to initiate sweet, new beginnings. Passion, sensuality and intimacy are what we yearn for. Right down deep in our core, always yearning for more and more. And we shall reap a bountiful harvest of all we have sown.


Still in there…


…the need to see in the dark is tantamount to my wellbeing; the level with which I feel okay with who I am is telling.  I feel like the darkness compels me to see my inner self; the dark parts, my buried secrets of stories I may never tell; knowing the innocence is still there…in the windows of my soul; my eyes.

Bitterness is easy to hold onto, and not even realize it…Once upon a time, everything started out innocently, forcing vulnerability; trust in love and opening your soul…to another. What will happen next as I reveal myself?

I am not always a leopard, so strong and aware, I am sometimes a flustered, homesick kitten standing in its shadow…