Passion in words


“Show me your words and I’ll show you mine”…<3



To spend a day doing nothing but writing the contents of my mind would be unequivocally and beautifully divine. What I call fun is a day of releasing everything under the Sun; my deepest thoughts, my essence, who I am when I am alone. I don’t need things to be perfect when I write, but the timing has to be just right. Sometime, I daydream about what I want to say, while I’m going through the motions of a busy day. I feel the words in my heart, just waiting to part and be expressed as another work of art. A writer’s paradise is a place where we can be, do and share whatever we desire, through our stories, poems and other satires. The emotions surrounding my words are pretty deep, and sometime I am awakened out of my sleep…to write and write and write until I feel satisfied. I love to try new ways to express what I need to say, I truly embrace the delicious game of word play…