Astral plane

In this way that seems so normal to me…I love. I crave, I want, I desire…connection. To resurrect a moment of pure ecstasy, where you and me are flying higher. Creative power, fills me within my core. I need so much more than only what I can see, there is urgency in my tone, at times filled with bliss, at times feeling more alone than ever…



Dream Scapes…

…Sweet memories linger of a time before now. When I didn’t know how things would go…there are deep lessons in not always knowing, or so I have been told. Let life surprise you once in a while, I promise it will bring a well-deserved smile. I am open to magical scenes unfolding and visiting distant lands I have never traveled…only marveled at in my dreams.



Mad love

And so, I long to know what it would be like to be loved…by you.

For now, I grasp onto my only truth and that is, I enjoy you. I love who you are when you come alive in conversing with me…sharing your deepest dreams, your journey, your story. I cling to the connection we have, our similar pasts…our future yearnings.

If I can imagine you with me; who is to say what cannot be…in love?


Passion Flower

I want to take road trips with her…and laugh together. I want to play laughingly under covers. I want to watch her while she sleeps and kiss her when she breathes in so deep. I want to take her in like the intoxicating scent of newly bloomed flowers. She has this unforgiving power over me…I love her so much, she makes me crave her touch. I’ll see her soon…


The great wide sea…

You and me…show me your eyes in the moonlight, how they burn like fire…mmm, I’m hot; I can feel the heat you are emanating. I want to be all in, participating in this ritual dance of love. Slowly I’m building up a yearning…so that when I see you I will unfold and take hold of you…I’ll have to remember to breathe because I am so overwhelmed by your energy. I am in tuned with how intense it is; delicious, gratifying and so strong…like the great wide sea.


Moon wishes…

She is so there…waiting for me to wish upon her so she may grant her magic upon me…I am in Love, I feel renewed and ready for the work ahead…this is the beginning of the second half…my life is yet to unfold but it is…every minute of every day in a brilliant array of colors. No more hazy days of confusion, only true persuasion the strongest kind; from my heart and my mind. The sun is shining because I am living my truth and may you too…


Moon love


Slowly, she begins to lose her fullness…going now into the depths of herself. She knows it is inevitable and feels the need to be recluse; not wanting to appear cold, yet saying f**k the world at the same time. Balance is not always easy to maintain… Raging inside of her is a storm of the most powerful, yet beautiful kind. Being so many things to so many individuals at any given moment is a reminder to slow down. She answers to the call of withdrawing from the world; to write, to bathe silently, sit outside, create, cry or laugh…she is in the throes of her Moon time. She is not unlovable, just needing time to remember to love herself…