When joy comes to rescue you from lonely days…to sharing laughs together about things you still remember, even now. What a beautiful thing it is…


Old souls

I feel like I can dream or think about anything here…the ocean and my spirit are one. So connected, that no words spoken are even enough to convey the love I feel. We are old souls, whispering to each other secrets of days gone by and days to come. I am here…waiting for you to join me.

Love’s Innocence


I found a flower and I wanted you to have it. I know flowers make you smile, especially when you weren’t expecting them. You have that innocence about you that makes loving you so worthwhile. You don’t ask for much, a gentle touch, a whisper of “I love you” as you nod off to sleep. So sweet you are, I would gladly give you my heart over and over again.