By the dock

Stillness surrounds me, the gentle waves entrance me as my feet dangle off the wooden dock. My eyes search the lake that seems to go on forever…the trees bow in acknowledgement. I am away from the noise of the world, and I can hear again. As night begins to fall, an owl calls; a deep booming “hoot” sending little critters afoot. I am enjoying the energy of this time, but I am getting bitten by mosquitoes and I believe it’s time to go inside. ❤ Continue reading By the dock


Yes, I know that the title of this post is not a real word…but there wasn’t anything else I could use to describe the beauty of this orchid!! I took my daughter to a nature center and as we walked the paths, I stopped to capture this stunning beauty. I am immersed in flowers right now. And I have 2 orchids ready to bloom any day now…I cannot wait to see the petals open up to the sun…revealing their colors…maybe they will be purpelicious!! 💗 Continue reading Purpelicious

Joy comes in the morning

The Sun is a beautiful new beginning. A reminder that today can be a fresh start; to read, create art or sing. We are all going through something…so we should remember that joy does come in the morning. Treasure the sun’s warmth, treasure it’s timely rising and setting, don’t forget; we can’t spend our days regretting choices, people and places…we can however set the pace for what we wish to see.        Continue reading Joy comes in the morning